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New Adventure Begins...

I never realized that i could continue my study at University of Melbourne, Australia. Here, i met lots of people from different countries, different cultures, different characteristics, and different thinking.
I have been feeling so blessed, started from facing immigration officers at Tullamarine Airport at Melbourne till now i am still writing this beautiful blog that i have made.

The first experience that i felt was the summer weather. It was so hot around 38-40 degree of Celsius. I did not imagine that Melbourne's summer was like burning within boiled water. :)
but, that's ok,,,, i was still vigorous to face thousand experience waiting for me.

I went to my flat owned by the young Malaysian woman and stayed there around two months. I like the charcoal chicken that she made and gave to us. The facilities were complete and much larger than my previous room flat at my boarding house in Indonesia. Although there was no air conditioner, but the fan was functioned well. all the things were fine.

Then, i made my own step to University of Melbourne by tram, the similar machine like trans jakarta in Indonesia but different scheme in using Myki card. This card can be used in any transportation modes in Melbourne with account balance that should be recharge in particular areas. Fortunately, i got it from my friend who already graduated from Unimelb with the same course as me. Thanks Rika :)

I went to Intensive Academic Program (IAP) from Australia Awards Scholarship in University of Melbourne. In that course, i met lots of native students with wide range of ages, from 20s to 40s. Many students from Ecuador, Mexico, Columbia, Papua New Guinea, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Japan, India, Sri Lanka, Maldives Island, Germany, Australian (Melbourne), Solomo Island, etc. I was so excited and interested to mingle with them. They introduced themselves and very welcoming to me.

I realized that it's not too bad listening native's saying in every single words. Maybe, because i was getting used to it. I need to get involved in every activity in the class, but i saw many students were also so exciting to participate in the class too. So, i ended up to observe the condition and learn how they responded all the tutors or lecturers said. Moreover, this IAP class made me learn the style of learning in foreign country especially in Australia. It's different from Indonesia and it's about time to adapt and tackle all of the differences culture that i faced.

It's not easy to deal with friends in many backgrounds. One of the problems is they have different accents in Speaking English. I felt confuse when i faced Bangladesh People with very fast speaking style that i could not follow. But, maybe...because i was not getting used to it. So, i need to learn much...

To be continued....:)


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